[JPL] Eddie Palmieri Radio Project...UPDATE

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Apr 5 16:20:49 EDT 2006

What a hectic 72 hours! I didn't realize how much work it is to record 2 one
hour shows, it takes 8-9 hours for each episode. Eddie P and the band
arrived on Sunday, however one key member was MIA, Donald Harrison Jr
suffered a freak accident while at the airport that caused him rotator cuff
injury and a pulled back muscle that will prohibit him from playing for appx
2 months so he went directly home. Seems Son of Big Chief has had a bit of
bad luck lately as I recall reading he had his horn stolen not too long ago
and now this. :<(

Eddie, Joe Santiago, Giovanni Hidalgo, David Sánchez, Brian Lynch and José
Clausell met up with current Denver resident José Madera, former T P
Orchestra music director and leader of the Latin Giants of Jazz Orch. and
recorded 2 hours worth of programming that will be the first of 4 shows to
be aired via PRI around the nation for Hispanic Heritage Month in October.
The next 2 shows will be recorded in NYC in June with 2 major mainstream
jazz legends. The former WBGO and KKJZ on air host/producer Alfredo Cruz was
brought in from So Cal to handle the producing end in the Jazz89 KUVO Oasis
Performance Studio, our Bösendorfer took quite a hit with Eddie's heavy
hitting style the past 2 days, our piano tuner said that after a year and a
few months it has finally been broken in. :>)    Leave it to "Rompe
Teclas"-"Keys Smasher" to have had the honors. One of the highlights for me
were 2 brilliant examples of musicality, a duet with Eddie and David and
another one with E P and Brian. Creative genius at its highest level.

On Monday evening we had an overflowing house of major donors and special
friends invited for a sizzling ensemble concert that lasted an hour and
included a meet n greet cocktail reception. Now they have all gone the
mastering and preparation stages begin and will resume in June when the
final 2 shows will be recorded, since it is taking place after the Jazz Week
Summit concludes in Rochester, I'll be able to go to the City and be a part
of more history. Hanging with the musicians, driving them back n forth to
the hotel & airport was quite a treat for the stories, especially from the
veterans, Eddie, José Madera and Joe Santiago who date back to the NY mambo
days of the Palladium, their anecdotes about the Big 3 are worthy of a book.

Arturo Gómez
Music Director, jazz89-KUVO
The Oasis In The City
Colorado's First HD FM Radio Station
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