[JPL] Stanley Crouch on Jackie McLean

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 18:44:49 EDT 2006

Interesting.....I've never heard anyone play that much saxophone.....that out of tune. Others did as well, like Eric Dolphy but Jackie was at the top in that league - playing alto. Someone made an interesting observation to me about this years ago.....suggesting that Jackie never either embraced the A440 system of tuning which was basically structured around the piano or just couldn't hear it. He was perhaps in tune with himself but that wouldn't help you if everyone else is playing to A440.
  Jae Sinnett 

Larry Appelbaum <jumpmonk at hotmail.com> wrote:

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>Peter Solomon wrote:
>I would suggest A.B. Spellman's book "Four Lives in the Bebop Business" 
>(also includes portraits of Herbie Nichols, Cecil Taylor, and Ornette 
>Coleman) for anyone looking to learn more about Jackie McLean.

The book is back in print with a different title: 

>One thing about McLean that sometimes
>gives me pause is his consistent out-of-tune-ness. I know he cultivated it 
>and controlled it, but it can >be a little off-putting. Any thoughts?

As far as intonation goes, Jackie sometimes played sharp. It's part of what 
makes his sound so distinctive and recognizable.

Larry Appelbaum


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