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Fri Apr 7 15:32:30 EDT 2006

Jesse Green was awesome!! Was there, 5 rows from each of them,  heard  them 
all and was mesmerized by Mr. Green.
My Dad recently passed away a few weeks ago, and I've had a tough time  (more 
bottling it up, then letting the grief out) dealing with it. But, as Mr.  
Green played each of his songs with such style, choice of notes,rhythmic feel,  
touch, interaction with the rhythm guys, each song touched my heart more  then 
the next and by the end tears were streaming down my face from the beauty  of 
it all. It was a very cathartic and releasing experience. Each note seemed to  
have a voice of it's own!!
Dot Wilder

Dot  Wilder

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Dr. Bob,  Please forward the attachment.  If Mr. Green outplayed Mr. Valera,
he  must be a hell of a pianist!


Larry  Dane-Kellogg
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