[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic, " WCVF-FM, 4/7/06 - Neil Jacobs live!

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 16:54:31 EDT 2006

 A very special three-hour "General Eclectic" today. 12-string guitar
virtuoso Neil Jacobs brought his fusion of folk, Eastern European music,
classical, and a host of etceteras to the WCVF-FM studios today. A
first-rate interview, four superb live solo performances, and at least one
very happy listener (who was extremely excited to get a chance to talk to
Neil on the phone) were the happy results. The calls in Neil's praise lasted
for most of the show. Other callers loved Lisa Moscatiello, Emil Zrihan, and
klezmer band Romashka. To the playlist:

HOUR #1:
Chris Trapper - Meant To Be - Gone Again

Gutbucket Jug Band - Guabi Guabi - Engruntlement

Neil Jacobs interview with four live performances:
    Ripna Maca/Bitola
    Cardas Z

Powder Blues - Cooking With the Blues - Blues Jazz = BLAZZ!

Ernie Hawkins - Elm Street Blues - Rags & Bones

Emil Zrihan - Habibi Dyali - Rough Guide to the Music of Israel (various)

Shimmerplanet - Siren - For the One Who Kills Tomorrow

HOUR #2:
Romashka - Mariana - Romashka

Mark Lemhouse - How White's Restaurant Destroyed My Life - Friends of Fahey
Tribute (various)

John Bishop - All Day Pass - Nothing If Not Something

Tim O'Brien - Fiddler's Green - Fiddler's Green

William Coulter - Brave and Fearless/An Dros - The Road Home

A Little Space - Any Day - Box of Love

Mad Cow String Band - Reuben - Live at the Delta of Venus

Farafina Kan - Kuku DCKA - Only the Water Separates Us

Chop Suey - Irish Rose - Chop Suey

Yerba Brava - Sos un Cheto - Rough Guide to Urban Latino (various)

Greg Murphy - Trane's Mode - Orientation

Dustin Plumb - The Pounds - All Things Dead

Elena Andujar - Perdi La Voz - Rough Guide to Flamenco Nuevo (various)

HOUR #3;
Lisa Moscatiello - You're Crying - Trouble From the Start

Tom Alexander - Wondrous Lands - Flying Against the Time Zones

Tom Russell - The Puglist At 59 - Love and Fear

Memphis Gold - Bedroom Mumba - Memphis Gold

Wiyos - Ida (Sweeter Than Apple Cider) - Porcupine

Leigh Cline - Zeybek - Orient Express

Independence Jazz Reunion - Royal Garden Blues - Rekindling the Dream

Phil Townsend - How About Me - Beautriful Black Woman

Joe Giacoio - God Knows - I Sing the Body Acoustic

Red Willow Band - Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down - Way Back When

Claudine Carlson/Robert Hunter - Erinnerungen - Reflections: Music by Arni

Kohala - Flying - Flying

Ellen McIlwaine - Dead End Street - Blues Guitar Women (various)

Long John Oliva's AC Timba Jazz - Ale Li - Buscando La Ortographia

No show next week. See you in two weeks, with an in-studio appearance by
Adam Zadok. Erik Balkey the week after that. All roads lead to Fredonia!

Tom Bingham
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Fredonia, NY 14063
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