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I have aso heard it said that Coltrane tended to intone slightly "flat"
which is what gave much of is playing that "haunted" quality,
particularly on "slower" parts of his music.


Greg Fisher
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>Peter Solomon wrote:
>I would suggest A.B. Spellman's book "Four Lives in the Bebop 
>(also includes portraits of Herbie Nichols, Cecil Taylor, and Ornette 
>Coleman) for anyone looking to learn more about Jackie McLean.

The book is back in print with a different title: 

>One thing about McLean that sometimes
>gives me pause is his consistent out-of-tune-ness. I know he 
cultivated it 
>and controlled it, but it can >be a little off-putting. Any thoughts?

As far as intonation goes, Jackie sometimes played sharp. It's part of 
makes his sound so distinctive and recognizable.

Larry Appelbaum
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