[JPL] RE: Kenny Drew's statements

Toulouse, Sarah stoulouse at chicagopublicradio.org
Mon Apr 10 04:37:30 EDT 2006

I understand and for the most part agree with Kenny's point, but what about artists like Q-Tip, Common, and all of the artists on the recent Sergio Mendes CD?  There are always good artists out there that don't seem to get all of the attention as the over-hyped, lowest common denominator artists, regardless of genre.  Hello Britney Spears = dawn of music apocalypse.  Hasn't this been true since the beginning of popular music?  I suppose dig and support what you like and let the masses unwilling to really seek out good stuff (or unexposed to if all they listen to is commercial radio) go on being spoon-fed crap.  (Sorry, just chiming in, not meaning to sound critical, but I'm in a bad mood).

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