[JPL] Stirring the kaka.... Legends of Jazz

Laffinred at aol.com Laffinred at aol.com
Tue Apr 11 13:57:53 EDT 2006

Dear JPLers
Why are some folks voicing their opinions on this site so determined  to put 
the final death knell on Jazz. Chris Botti continues to develop chops and  as 
he grows so does his audience. He has the appeal and the following to  
eventually make inroads with smooth jazz listeners, weaning them away from the  pop 
instrumental sounds to the sounds of "contemporary jazz" and eventually  
traditional selections. Those who continually thumb their noses at   "contemporary 
jazz" are closing the door to any further explorations  from any future 
listeners. Why are you so inflexible, why is it  your way or the highway? Lighten up, 
be tolerant....it'll do all of us a world  of good...
staying tuned to all genres of jazz and enjoying the listens,
Reebs Risman
The Laughing Redhead (most of the time)

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