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Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Apr 12 13:35:34 EDT 2006

Reebs wrote <<<< Why are some folks voicing their opinions on this site so
determined  to put
the final death knell on Jazz. Chris Botti continues to develop chops and
he grows so does his audience.  Why are you so inflexible, why is it  your
way or the highway? Lighten up,
be tolerant....it'll do all of us a world  of good... >>>>>

I was surprised at your reply, I promote jazz of all types every day at and
away from my obligations at jazz89KUVO. We pride ourselves on having the
entire spectrum of jazz programmed at jazz89KUVO. As of January our
weeknight shifts have opened up to include the younger artists on the scene
today, sounds we don't play during day parts, jazz with alternate rock, funk
and other elements. We have had an hip-hop/acid jazz shift on Fridays for
over 7 years. Our Sunday evening line up has avant garde, free jazz, spoken
word and experimental jazz shows. For over 20 years KUVO has led the way
incorporating jazz brasileiro and afro-caribeño jazz in our day parts as
part of our daily sound, just like trios, vocals, big bands, quintets et al

In my private life I listen to a wide variety of music from many eras. I am
not inflexible nor intolerant, quite the contraire, I am an advocate for
diversification in jazz as that's been jazz's legacy since day one. I do
stand by my remark that the choice of younger artists in the PBS series
selected leaves a lot to be desired. There has been some research in
audience crossover from the so-called "smooth" format to mainstream jazz and
it is negligible.
I used to believe that instrumental RnB played on "smooth" formats could
bring folks to straight ahead, however it is the exception and not the rule.
The "smooth" format is getting increasingly more stringent and many artists
that made a career in that format are leaving it behind and attempting to
enter the mainstream jazz world, this evidenced by the onslaught of many
"smooth" artists releasing straight ahead albums recently.

Still lovin' ya, still laffin' with ya'

Arturo Gómez
Music Director, jazz89-KUVO
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