[JPL] Re' Kenny Drew Jr's remarks = Response to Arturo

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Sun Apr 16 16:39:15 EDT 2006

Arturo :
I think you missed the point completely.
The "Visual" Rap/HipHop videos ---   what ever YOU want to call it IS NOT 
Your monologue on Aristotle,  select history of Black music  with 
innvovations in Jazz --  bebop, swing,etc., 1950's Rock & Roll, Rhythm&Blues and the rest 
of modern popular music  -- has absolutely NOTHING to  do with what Kenny 
Drew  Jr. was talking about nor was he in the category of "dismissing current 
music by elders..."  etc., etc. 
Drew  made a point when he said: " ... when I first started studying 
music.... I was told (it) had to consist of three elements: melody, harmony and 
rhythm.  Rap ...... has  basically discarded the first two elements and is left with 
nothing but rhythm .  Since only one element  is present in most of this crap 
it doesn't even justify being called music. " 
Also , what I have heard   -- with very few exceptions -- is that any music 
that is 'found' in most of the  Hip Hop/Rap  offerings  is  never original  but 
  'borrowed '   from  some earlier  Pop, Jazz or  'Old  School' R &B  songs 
and  just "looped" over and over and over....
This should not be considered "sour grapes "-- just the truth .... Rap is 
spoken word ( and most of it is not very good spoken word at that ).  A   rap/hip 
hop missive like "Its hard out there for a pimp" being given an Academy award 
(what a joke that was) still does not make it legitimate music.     (You 
should be hear the flack artists get from audiences in clubs -- totally baffled by 
the acceptance  of "Its hard out there to be a pimp"). Does this academy 
award mean that artists   have to start doing: "It's hard   out there..." "My Hump 
" "Back that *** up *****" , etc., etc., in a well-arranged   Jazz fashion?   

By the way, the so-called "underground"  Hip hop/ Rappers and their music 
labels  don't need you to feel sorry  for their lack of exposure --  they still 
make more money than YOU could even imagine. Again, this is not Sour Grapes by 
the way, Just  trying to "Keep it real"
Proud to be an 'Old School' Jazz Vocalist, 

Yevette Stewart
Los Angeles CA


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