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Bob -

 From  www.allmovie.com:

"Aside from the stellar work of Cage and Shue--one of the best 
performances in Leaving Las Vegas comes from its soundtrack. A 
haunting, moody jazz score composed by writer/director Mike Figgis 
himself, it perfectly complements the film's narrative, oozing with a 
graceful, understated foreboding. Rarely has a soundtrack been so 
intrinsic to a film's subject matter."

 From www.allmusic.com:

Review by  William Ruhlmann
Trumpeter and keyboard player Mike Figgis composed a number one jazz 
album with his score to the film Leaving Las Vegas , most of which 
consisted of low-key, moody jazz pieces, along with five vocal numbers, 
three standards ("Angel Eyes," "My One and Only Love," and "It's a 
Lonesome Old Town") sung by Sting with just a piano and acoustic bass 
accompaniment, one ("Come Rain or Come Shine") by Don Henley , and a 
song by the neo-rockabilly band the Palladinos . Oddly, the score was 
interspersed by excerpts from the film's dialogue. Since Nicholas Cage 
won an Academy Award for his acting and Elizabeth Shue was nominated, 
it could be argued that these portions contained at least aural 
representations of good acting, but the use of spoken word passages was 
odd for a soundtrack album (though it has become increasingly common on 
cast albums).

Year Type Label Catalog #

2000 CD Ark 21  810055
	CD Pangaea/IRS  36071

1995 CD  IRS 36071

1996 CS Capitol 36071 810055

 	CD Pangaea/IRS 36071

1995 CD IRS 36071

1996 CS Capitol 36071

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On Monday, April 17, 2006, at 07:36  AM, Bob Stockton wrote:

> One of our listeners in Czech Republic has asked me where he can find 
> the soundtrack music (Mike Figgis?)  from the film Leaving Las Vegas. 
> I haven't seen the film and I don't know of Figgis.
> Can anyone help?
> Bob "Dr. Bob" Stockton, Host/Producer
> Modern Jazz Classics From Amelia Island

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