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Still Another Jazz Show   April 10

“Half Full”
Nonesuch Records               

Van Gelder Remastering  Prestige Records

MANUEL VALERA GROUP  “ De Un Pejero, las dos”  “
Prelude iu C Minor”
Mavo Records

LARRY GOLDINGS       “Hesitation Blues”     QUARTET   
Palmetto Records

JESSE VAN RULLER     “Amsterdam”     VIEWS      Criss
Cross Jazz

CHRISTIAN SCOTT   “Suicide”  “Caught Up”   “Kiel”  
REWIND THAT    Concord Jazz

Flapper Girl Records

BLEU, best of blue note years, 1998- 2005      Blue

CHARLEY HARRISON  with Jeff Linberg's Chicago Jazz
Orchestra    “Jeanine”
“Recipe For Romance”  “Lori's Dream”   C3 Records

PAUL ANKA   “Smells Like Teen Spirit”   “ Hello”  ROCK
SWINGS    Verve Music

DAVID SILLS   “Bags Groove”    DOWN THE LINE    Origin

for short, not to disclaim the remarkable invective of
this band, for this is what post hard bop is about...
Lets not dispense with the inordinate cliches. This
band cooks in a straight ahead sort of way,  Joshua
Redman, Bobby Hutcherson, Renee Rosnes, Nicholas
Payton, Miguel Zenon , Isaac Smith, Mat Penman, bass 
and Eric Harland, drums.  
We played  Coltrane's.“Naimi” and Redman's “Half
Full.” erough to sense this great hyperion story.  A
series of live performances only documented with the
series of SF Jazz performances.
Remember,  this is in a class of the memorable sixties
 Oliver Nelson performances on Impulse Records.
KENNY BURRELL and JOHN COTRANE lead with this nice
1958 release and recently remastered by Rudy Van
Gelder. This is most  recent post modern to be
remastered, for this was the stuff that fifties jazz
was made of. We played “I Never Knew.”  Both were
young lions at the  time when Van Gelder captured this
master piece.
This great MANUEL VALERA , new classic is another
precious recording,”
MELANCOLIA .”  Valera is a singular cyclops  with a
razor edge interpretion of Rachmoninoff's “Prelude in
C Minor with his band of  'right on' Latin jazz
regulars, Seamus Blake, Ben Street,  Antonio Sanchez
and Luisito Quintero.   Listen to this music and
you'll agree that this is a whole  new genre with this
stark young pianist mixing strings classical with jazz
 and Latin metaphors in “De Una Pajama Las Dos Alas.
LARRY GOLDINGS  and his keyboard wizardry is next with
his latest CD,  QUARTET.   We played  the classic W.C.
Handy, “Hesitation Blues” sung by the sultry 
Madeleine Peyroux.    Goldings demonstrates his
amazing talent throughout this CD and ability to frame
every song with his originality as a writer, musician
and arranger here with the ease and dexterity of a
true craftsman.
Dutch guitarist  JESSE VAN RULLER  closes the set from
his CD, VIEWS.  Seamus Blake again spreading his funk
and goodwill on saxophone, Sam Yahel on  his perpetual
distinctive sound as he lays it down on Hammond B-3
and seasoned mystical top gun drummer, Bill Stewart.
We played a Ruller's soulful tribute to “Amsterdam.”
Note:   Ruller can flat out play his ax! 
The whole band will put your mood in a groove.
Young and talented trumpet player, CHRISTIAN SCOTT 
begin the second hour of SAJS  with his new release on
Concord. We played the very groovy tune with a
stresser unlikely named ”Suicide.” There some real
electricity and it's not to describe the
instrumentation, the explosive rhythm  guitar work by
Matt Stevens, Zaccai Curtis on  Rhodes and the low
down harmony between Christian Scott and tenor
saxophonist Walter Smith III has  a sustaining and
empirical dissonance in “Caught Up” and finally the
very groovy “Kiel.”   
Once you get past playing “So What” for starters and
really get  into this CD,  there's a whole 'flesh'
here, you're more than willing as Cousteau  to
explore. Very Storyville in it's presence as this New
Orleans native will maturate to other levels with his
remarkable control and likability. It's a very
contemporary view for this modern jazz artist.
ERIN  MCDOUGALD is captivating with her rendition of
“I'm The Girl.” This is classic modern jazz rendition.
  This young lady has originality and talent. And with
the Dan Cray Trio who I think is one of the best young
piano trios in jazz, today, these two together create
real fireworks on this new CD, MEETING PLACE. 
I suggest you get on this ASAP.   Contact Flapper Girl
Productions for your copy of this CD for extended air
PS: You may think I have  a stake in this. 
I don't...
I just know a great record, when I hear it!
We close this segment with MEDESKI , MARTIN & WOOD and
NOTE BLEU, Best Of The Blue Note Years, 1998-2005 and
the great funky tune, “I Wanna Ride You.” Almost a
“One Mint Julip” wrap with inordinate sixties Spenser
Davis feedback.   
This band will do this t you with an assortment of
equipment rivaling the best of junk artists pulling it
all together to take you forward as they kick back to
the last forty years of pop and jazz.
We could go on with with the superlatives. ...for
Medeski. Martin&Wood are definitely post operative
CHICAGO JAZZ ORCHESTRA  begin the last segment with
the new KEEPING MY COMPOSURE release. Harrison
arranges all the selections here as well as two tasty
selections on this new CD. We played Duke Pearson and
Oscar Brown, “Jeanine” a swinging legend in the 
memory of Mel Lewis/Thad Jones  big band  and  sung
effortlessly  with harmony by Kurt Elling. Then the 
great lyrical rendition of this fun double untendre,
“Recipe For Romance,” performed by Sara Gazarek; 
sounds like Sylvia Sidney fronting the Charley Barnet
band, a  fifties for all black tie and tails of 
summer in the Hamptons romp. Remember “The Graduate”
with Ann Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman?  That kind of
gregarious energy.
Why is all the latest  good news  in the mainstream
progressive jazz coming out of Chicago?
Is it they more attention to the craft?!
Cedar Walton continues this wondrous journey with
another Charley Harrison tune, “Lori's Dream.”
And finally Freddy Cole swings us  right into the
belly of the beast with  a torchy Chicago Bar BQ
version of “The South Side Of Chicago.”
There's a joy for jazz, it's raunchy sophistication as
only Duke Elllington and Louis Armstrong could do, 
remains in tact.  
This 'South Side' has Basie swinging from the
This CD has the nuance , balance, the fulcrum of
swing,  imbuing over forty years of great big band
jazz a center that only Chicago could do!
Since we're in that black tie & tail swinging notion.
We'll have to close with PAUL ANKA and the brand new
You'll experience a  reincarnation for the most part
of  Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.
This story told by the great Paul Anka in his own way
with marvelous arrangements of contemporary songs.
Anka's phrasing is superb and  the arrangements are
classic best!   He plays with a lyric like  Sinatra in
Blue Note's  'Live At Adelaide 1959' with Red Norvo.
We played a roaring rendition a full f stop above
rowdy of Kurt Cobain's  “Smells Like Team Spirit, ”
arranged by John Clayton, who innately understands the
infinite power of  big band machinations. 
We close with a very groovy version of Lionel
Ritchie's  “Hello.” A vermello arrangement by Patrick
When I think about this music, memories of Brooks
Brothers,  the Detroit hard boppers, great big Maynard
Ferguson band, Gary McFarland, Lem Winchester, Lee
Morgan, Horace Silver, Dakota Staton, Peggy Lee, June
Christy. King Pleasure, Arthur Preasock, King
Pleasure, Oscar Brown Jr, Errol Garner, Terry Gibbs,
Bobby Short,  Miles, Monk, Duke and Count. The list is
endless....The Great Wall of Jazz exists!

Dick Crockett
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