[JPL] my present and future / Jazz Appreciation Month

Matthew Merewitz jazz at wrct.org
Wed Apr 19 06:21:40 EDT 2006

Howdy Folks,

Well, it's been a month since I emailed all you beautiful people - the "jazz
machers" as I like to call you (it's Yiddish; if you don't know it, look it
up). Even though we all work our butts off year-round for this noble cause,
I just wanted to extend a HAPPY JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH (JAM) to all of you
- and if you didn't remember, I dunno...mention it to your neighbors. Or
maybe go out and see some live jazz (YES, on a week night!). Also to all you
Judeo-Christians celebrating, a Happy Holidays as well.

I think we owe a round of applause to Dr. John Hasse at the Smithsonian
Institution and the various stakeholders in this initiative for their work
over the last half-decade to make jazz more visible and more appreciated
during the month of April. For more info on JAM, or to see events in your
community occuring during the remainder of April, visit the Smithsonian's
JAM site <http://www.smithsonianjazz.org/jam/jam_start.asp>.

I wanted to say that despite a couple unfortunate events beyond our control
this past 30 days, overall things are looking good for jazz this April.
There's a slew of great new records out, a bunch of terrific groups touring
the US, a plethora of great festivals coming up this summer, and in the last
few weeks I personally got to chat with/interview Maria Schneider, Ben
Monder, Steve Wilson, Chris Potter, and all 10 members of the famed ICP
Orchestra (in Pittsburgh of all places!). If you want details, check
my blog<http://jazzclinic.blogspot.com>

Anyways onto the part about my future:

I am graduating this May and moving on to a new locale.  As of June 1, 2006,
I will sadly no longer reside in the fair city of Pittsburgh. Yes friends,
that means my days at the finest freeform station this side of the
Mississippi, WRCT <http://www.wrct.org> Pittsburgh <http://www.wrct.org>,
are numbered.  Though I will seek another volunteer radio post in my new
location, I will be actively pursuing various projects in jazz publicity as
a part-timer at the illustrious DL Media, a very fine music publicity firm
in Philadelphia, PA.  I don't have a confirmed mailing address in that neck
of the woods yet, so don't start rerouting any of those packages, but be
forewarned.  I plan to continue as a freelance writer for All About Jazz and
the Pittsburgh City Paper.


P.S. If you are so inclined, I am currently doing some indie
publicity/promotion for a saxophonist named Paul Carr due for a mid-May
mailing to JazzWeek reporters. You can check his stuff out at his
website<http://www.paulcarrjazz.com>or on his myspace
page <http://www.myspace.com/paulcarrjazz>.

Matt Merewitz
Jazz Director
WRCT Pittsburgh
Phone: 412-621-0728 (music mailbox)
Phone: 240-460-9454 (personal)
Email: jazz at wrct.org
aim: uvawitz
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/drjazzphd
blog: http://jazzclinic.blogspot.com
last.fm: http://last.fm/user/uvawitz

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