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One  article and an excellent commentary on Chicago Public Radio's decision 
to drop  jazz programming. 

Chicago Public Radio's Torey Maltia:
"I don't want to say there will be a lot of music," he says. "If we're not  
attempting to compete as a music station ... but merely celebrate good music  
often, and allow people to talk about it and explain it ... I think it brings  
the audience into the music deeper."
"The ratings go up and down -- I don't think the ratings are particularly a  
story here," he says.
WBEW "will have as its goal to try to see if we can bring public radio to  an 
audience that might be more ethnically and racially diverse, younger, more  
Internet savvy, or media savvy, people who use a lot of different kinds of 
media  but aren't loyal to any particular kind of media. ..."
That is some serious double-speak. They're killing the music  programming so 
people will appreciate it more? Wow. And saying it's not  about ratings is 
just a flat out lie. Of course it's ALL about ratings. Yes, it  is an admirable 
idea to try and bring in a more diverse audience...but publicly  funded talk 
radio has nothing to do with drawing in a 19 year old who's  spending his time 
surfing the internet and loading up his iPod. Apples and  oranges. 
Public radio station WDET in Detroit recently killed all daytime music  
(mostly AAA) and replaced it with talk, and this was right after a pledge drive  
where people gave up their money to supposedly support their music programming.  
(lawsuits are flying left and right). When people complained about cutting 
the  music, the Station manager's response was that we were insulting the  DJs. 
(As opposed to cutting their shows entirely!?) That same WDET SM, btw, is  
currently under criminal investigation for embezzling from the same station he's  
supposedly "whipping into shape." I guess we'll see how it plays out for  
WBEZ. At least WDCB must be thrilled. 

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