[JPL] FCC Payola Probe Widens

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Thu Apr 20 11:55:07 EDT 2006


>>>>>>>>>>> The FCC's new  investigation is the largest federal radio bribery
inquiry since Congress  opened hearings on pay-for-play in 1960. Those
inquiries resulted in the  first federal "payola" laws and killed the career
of famed disc jockey Alan  Freed, who pleaded guilty to two counts of
commercial bribery and was fined  $300.   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

some of you may have missed this, but Elliott Spitzer, the Attorney General  
of NY who's been at the crux of this investigation (and fined Warner Bros. $10 
 mill), recently stated that although he'd been working with the FCC in  
investigating payola, that the FCC had recently gone behind his back and cut  
deals with the rest of the Major labels for a fraction of what WB had to pay  
(which was a slap on the wrist in the fist place). so the question becomes, why  
would the FCC undercut Spitzer's investigation? as Deep Throat said, "follow 
the  money." which major corporations made major contributions to the current  
administration in DC? in other words, it's pretty unlikely  that much is going 
to change as a result of this FCC  investigation.

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