[JPL] Payola

Dick LaPalm dlpjazz at thegrid.net
Thu Apr 20 18:58:34 EDT 2006


The Disc Jockey Convention to which you refer, took place the weekend
of May 29-31, 1959 at the Americana Hotel in Miami Beach.  It was
attended by over 300 DJs, and representatives from every record company. 
I know.  I was there.

The convention was organized by Todd Storz and his national Program
Director, Bill Stewart,  who hired me to handle PR.  I also delivered a
brief speech, Promotion Men Can Work for You, and served on a panel
with Joe Smith, who was then, an important Boston DJ. 

It was while listening to the Count Basie band at the Breakfast Dance that
the late Alan Freed walked up to me, hands behind his back, and asked,
"Have you seen this?"  He then held up the Miami Herald with the blaring,
and now infamous headline, BRIBES, BABES, AND BOOZE, with the second
line, For America's DJs.  That's what started the initial payola 
Let me add, Arturo, that there were many innocent guys who carried the 
of that investigation, and were permanently bruised.

Be well, and riguardi caldi.  Dick LaPalm

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