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Fri Apr 21 02:58:16 EDT 2006

thanks jae for your insights.  and thanks kenny for putting it all out  there.
Crisis? what crisis? conventions come, conventions go: its time to talk  
about what's real.
kenny's comments hit home.  it's not just the players.  how about  the promo 
folks, and radio folks? et al.  what do their wages look  like in inflation 
adjusted dollars?
in the early 80s when i opened Word of Mouth Marketing as the first full  
fledged indie jazz shop, top of the rate card was $400/week with i believe a 6  
week minimum.
today nearly 25 years later, we have a number of experienced, dedicated  jazz 
promotion and marketing operators.  what is the top of their rate  card? i 
believe its not much different than $ 400/week.  adjusted  against 25 years of 
inflation, what`are we talking about?
for 15+ years, i've advocated creating a series of regional networks among  
radio stations to facilitate jazz artists touring.  in order for the  economics 
to improve we need to pull together as a community and use our [not  
inconsiderable] collective brain power to bring about change.
are we as a community fiddling while rome is burning?
20 years ago, i delivered the keynote address at a Jazz Times  convention.  i 
challenged the community to form a national association {ala  the Country 
Music Association};  after a number of false starts and the  passing of many 
years {and with a major tip of the fez to bruce lundvall for  persevering} we have 
a Jazz Association.  
will IAJE realize its enormous potential?  will the IAJE convention  step 
into the 21st century and tune into crucial, timely issues?  will  it become a 
beacon attracting potential strategic partners?
the game is changing. the changes can be FAVORABLE to jazz.  despite  the 
popularity of American Idol, there are more people exploring more music than  
perhaps any time in history.
what an opportunity!!!  today's teens are listening to an ever  expanding 
smorgasborg of music.  my 17 year old stepson who tends toward  dark metallic 
music, was flipping out over "discovering" Turtle Island String  Quartet and Bela 
Fleck & the Flecktones.  people of all ages have  access to all kinds of 
is radio programming embracing change and the new audiences?  or are  many 
presenting jazz as more of a museum item?  certainly programmers have  to 
balance choosing among so many decades of classic material versus recent  decades 
and today's latest offerings.  still we need to support the living  artists 
to keep the music moving forward. 
are we as a community discussing how we can work together to create new  jazz 
stars and personalities?  this is the future!  and it is  essential.  the old 
ways are, well, the old ways.
welcome to a brave new world.  people want real, they want heart, they  want 
truth and they want beauty.  JAZZ delivers.  we ALL need to be  working 
TOGETHER [24/7/365] to improve 
JAZZ' chances.  i see so many dedicated folks working HARD, but rarely  
here's hoping next year's IAJE and the upcoming JazzWeek can stir up the  pot 
and take a
really hard look at reality.
ricky schultz

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