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<<...20 years ago, i delivered the keynote address at a Jazz  Times  
convention.  i 
challenged the community to form a national  association {ala  the Country 
Music Association};  after a number  of false starts and the  passing of many 
years {and with a major tip of  the fez to bruce lundvall for  persevering} 
we have 
a Jazz  Association.  

will IAJE realize its enormous potential?  will  the IAJE convention  step 
into the 21st century and tune into crucial,  timely issues?  will  it become 
beacon attracting potential  strategic partners?

First, IAJE has been around for a lot longer than 20 years; this year's  
conference was their 33rd, if memory serves.

Second, IAJE is about education, although admittedly it's easy to think  of 
them as a promotional ally when you attend some of their sessions. But  above 
it all, their charter is education; becoming a booking agency (pr  expressed 
more politely, performing functions that would be of financial benefit  
primarily to members) could threaten their 501c3 status..
        On the other hand, who says  they would only be promoting members?  
Uh...I'd like to see that  debate.


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