[JPL] Mebane's Eleven disk

Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Fri Apr 21 10:52:17 EDT 2006

On Friday 21 April 2006 10:25, Bob Stockton wrote:
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> I was attempting to burn a cut from the above cd to my master music set
> disk for airplay, but the cd keeps shutting down my software. Anyone else
> had this problem?

Hi Bob,

I haven't tried to copy the disc you mentioned. I'm not sure if I've got the 
CD or else I'd see if I could duplicate your problem to see the cause is. I 
wonder if it's a copy protection scheme.

I have mentioned some software before here that might help. It's free. It's 
called Audacity and it runs on OS X, Windows XP and Linux. I think there is 
now a version for Ipods.  I have used it on Windows and Linux quite a bit and 
my assistant PD has used it on his Mac. I can say that the two versions I 
have used allow you to record whatever sound is coming through your computer. 
You could play the troublesome CD and re-record it using Audacity. The 
easiest way might be to record it one track at a time, save it as a .wav file 
until you've re-recorded the whole CD and then burn the new CD.

Incidentally Audacity can be used for recording lps, cassettes or, as I said, 
anything else that your computer plays.

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