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  I'm aware that there are no "NPR stations." Not sure who said that because I didn't. I only talked about NPR because WBEZ is an NPR affiliate station that carries some of their programming. As to the millions that Kroc gave to NPR, I don't think a dime of that money went to any of the affiliate stations. I remember some talk when this first became news that stations would go to them to ask if they would lower their fees. Haven't heard a word about it since.
  Jae Sinnett
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<<... While NPR's principle mission is news and information it also has a 
responsibility to present artistic musical programming - jazz, classical, 
etc...as does it's affiliates. It's also no secret the human voice will draw more 
than instrumental music but again the responsibility of it's mission comes 
to play. It's interesting to me in how they've change the concept of the 
mission. I wonder how much influence the burger heir had in reference to them 
reshaping their focus to primarily news programming????? The message coming out 
is something like....."world events are dictating our direction." Really? 
Perhaps it's two hundred million dollars..>>

I don't think there are any "NPR stations," in the sense of central 
programming a-la Clear Channel. NPR provides the programs, as do other sources; the 
local affiliates are free to use (purchase) what they want from NPR, PRI, MPR, 
APR, etc., etc., or to program their fare locally. 

What has happened to WBEZ, and is happening at other stations, is not an NPR 
issue, except to the extent that when a station goes all-talk, there is one 
fewer outlet to purchase syndicated music content like Piano Jazz, Jazz After 
Hours, etc. 

As far as I can see, none of the syndicated programming is being decreased, 
although if enough stations stop subscribing, surely that will happen next.

Did any of the local NPR affiliates get any of Kroc's millions, or was it 
all NPR itself?



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