[JPL] Robin McKelle's CDR

Kyle Warren kyle at wicn.org
Fri Apr 21 16:29:23 EDT 2006

What happened to the days when people programmed shows with music that 
sounded good?

Can you imagine how much music I'd be rejecting if a CD didn't have cut 
lengths printed on the back cover? Or if the text was difficult to read 
because of small size or poor color choice? The decision should be made by 
your ears and not your eyes.

Why would someone play music from an artist for a short period of time but 
pull it from rotation after that? By doing this we're telling the audience 
"This song is good enough for you to listen to right now - while we're doing 
some promotion - but after that you won't hear it again." That sounds just 
like the commercial stations that will play Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick 
Jr., Nat King Cole and other jazz legends when its time for holiday music, 
but not in any other month.

Kyle Warren
Operations Director
Host of "A Tasteful Blend"
WICN 90.5 FM - HD
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Worcester, MA

Arturo Gomez wrote.....
> I would be put off by a CDR, I wouldn't program it for the station as
> jazz89KUVO only plays "finished products", CDs with artwork that are not
> CDR. Granted there are times we have played a CDR from a local artist or 
> an
> event that we are promoting or involved with but it would not go into
> rotation. We also do not play singles. We do play indy labels or non-label
> artists that have self-produced albums, but not a home made CDR.
> Arturo Gómez
> Music Director, jazz89-KUVO
> The Oasis In The City
> Colorado's First HD FM Radio Station
> Celebrating 10 Years of Live Performances!

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