[JPL] Robin McKelle's CDR

Nikolas Atkins nik at cheaplullaby.com
Fri Apr 21 15:58:32 EDT 2006

The CDRs were sent to you all for a few reasons.  Here is how it all went

Susan Stemberg's interview with Robin aired on Morning Edition a month
before we were anticipating, pushing Robin to the number five top seller at
Amazon and causing an enormous spike in open orders at our distributor
(KOCH).   The radio mailing was to go out the first Friday in April, and
when the interview aired that Thursday (the 6th) we were forced to ship all
of our product to KOCH in order to fulfill the demand at retail.  With a
bunch of extra artwork lying around the office and a crucial radio mailing
to go out, we were left with no other options.  So that¹s the story ­ a
finished 6 panel digipak with a CDR nestled in the trey, equipped with add
dates, focus tracks and pitching points.  I thought it was a nice package.

I understand the stigma associated with a CDR, but it was sent with the
hopes that the music would tell the true story.



Nik Atkins
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Shoot. If it's THAT good, I'd air it if it was on a C Store cassette.

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> Steve Hahn wrote <<< Check out Robin McKelle.
> Don't be put off by the unknown label (Cheap Lullaby) or the fact that
> it's a CDR. >>>>
> I would be put off by a CDR, I wouldn't program it for the station as
> jazz89KUVO only plays "finished products", CDs with artwork that are not
> CDR. Granted there are times we have played a CDR from a local artist or
> an
> event that we are promoting or involved with but it would not go into
> rotation. We also do not play singles. We do play indy labels or non-label
> artists that have self-produced albums, but not a home made CDR.
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