[JPL] Kenny Drew Comments

Tom Marcello tom at joelocke.com
Fri Apr 21 18:35:44 EDT 2006

I think for this music to thrive, there has to be more interaction and 
support among all the people who have a interest in the jazz business. 
Those include you in radio, shops at the retail level (if there is one), 
the educators and the promoters on each local scene. A organized and 
involved effort of promotion and support will be fruitful and self 
sustaining for everyone.

Radio can lead the way for a number of reasons. The on the air Program 
Directors are already publicly known, many stations are tied to 
universities that have jazz education programs that can stage concerts 
and workshops, and radio is a direct contact with the public. For many 
artists, the fee for a educational clinic can supplement the market rate 
gig at a local club to make the trip worthwhile as well as serve as a 
advertisement for the evening show.

Creating a market, in this day and age, is important and should be a 
welcome matter of organized discussion.



Tom Marcello
Manager / Joe Locke
tom at joelocke.com

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