[JPL] More Kenny Drew Jr comments

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 19:11:23 EDT 2006

Now you have some idea of why Kenny Drew, his father, moved to Denmark
where he was rewarded with regular work, comissions, international
tours and the ability to run a record company with large sales, for
jazz, in Japan. I love Kenny Drew Sr. and had the chance to speak to
him in Denmark in 1985 (at Tivoli). At that time he was playing with
violinist Svend Asmussen, bassist Neils-Henning Orsted Pederson and
drummer Ed Thigpen. Kenny's solos were brief, usually a chorus or two,
but gems of clear musical thought: perfectly balanced phrases that
swung together telling singable stories of pure melody. There was
nothing extraneous to the playing, no treading water, no bull

It appears Kenny Drew Jr. has reached critical mass. Unless he finds a
patron, a la old Europe type patron, he'll probably move out of
America, too.

Here's hoping he tries Chicago first.

Lazaro Vega
Blue Lake Public Radio

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