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Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 23 12:09:14 EDT 2006

Some wonderful new recordings in over the past few weeks. I'm finally having a chance to delve into some of them after our fundraiser and here are some I find quite interesting......
  Hats off to Sunnyside. The Donny McCaslin's "Soar" is fantastic. While it's obvious he loves Chris Potter as a saxophonist, he also is influenced by his writing. Fortunately he's smart enough though to not solely emulate Chris and put out something that is fresh and original to him. Bob Belden's "Three Days Of Rain" is haunting and introspective. No one would guess this is a "sound track" for a movie if we were to base it on previous "jazz" sound tracks. Deep. 
  Considering the plethora of vocal recordings we receive it's easy to over look some but the Anne Ducros Dreyfus release "Plano, Piano" is certainly worth checking out. Very smart and interesting arrangements set the foundation for a very unique and creative vocalist. 
  The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra's "Up From The Skies - The Music Of Jim McNeely," proves he's one of the more thought provoking and in my opinion, underrated arrangers in jazz. He's one of the few instrumentalist playing at a very high level but arranging and composing on a similar plateau. 
  Give Adventure Music some love as well. The Jovino Santos Neto "Roda Carioca" is a profound statement on where traditional Brazilian music is going. A similar movement is happening in Latin jazz with the likes of Danilo Perez, Manuel Valera, Miguel Zenon and a few others.
  And finally......give Capri another hand. The new Colin Stranahan "Transformation" piece is outstanding. What great thought provoking writing and playing. 
  There are more but these are certainly at the top of my list of better new releases. They all represent forward thinking and show little desire to repeat history or spoon feed us what's been brought down the jazz road way too many times. 
  Jae Sinnett
  Norfolk VA 

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