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onemansjazz at shaw.ca writes:
<<..Why can Chris Rock 
use all the foul language he wants  to when he rants about something, yet 
some people tell me that I should tone  it down?..>>
Depends largely on the demographics of the forum. If people pay a big  ticket 
for an adult-oriented comedy routine, they know what to expect. In a  
"polite" or at least all-ages, general-interest email forum, you never know  whose 
eyes will be on the material. 
Someone sent me a cleaned-up version of your essay, by the way.
Keep up that provocative work, this is a discussion that needs to continue.  
Here in my market (western Massachusetts and NY capital region), our main NPR  
outlet discontinued its nightly Jazz hour a year ago, in favor of a Canadian  
news magazine. Now, there's innovative programming. Now, they have just 90  
minutes of local Jazz programming a week, a fine weekend show by Tim Coakley,  
which precedes Jim Wilke's show. 
The road is paved to WFCR's expansion of its signal into our area!


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