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"Ah, but did the series make any converts? Have Jazz sales for current 
musicians also risen, in the aftermath of people discovering Satchmo and Duke?"
  Ed,  the answer to your first question is yes. I travel a lot and in my clinics and workshops students and folk all over had a chance to see some of it and learned SOMETHING about this music.  What I see that lacks is that "Jazz" planted a big seed for many but that seed needed to be nurtured. With that nurturing process - and that's exactly what it is, a process - would come many of the things we would have hoped for like better sales and visiblity for all jazz artists. Unfortunately there are few avenues for this to happen and as a result the small bit of momentum "Jazz" perhaps created - basically stalled. Sadly too, the overwhelming flood of criticism for the "Jazz" series came from those with a point of departure of understanding of jazz. Not enough focus on a certain style or generation of musicians.....etc. 
  Ken Burns' fundamental intention I think with the series was to bring more into jazz that otherwise wouldn't be here and not to sell records. In that regard it was a success. I for one remain positive. There's enough cynicism in this industry.The other downside to this is that there was such tremendous criticism towards "Jazz" that I doubt very seriously if any TV outlet would want to take the chance on producing something like it and presenting it in a primetime slot again. It's a classic case of shooting ourselves in the foot.  
  Jae Sinnett

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A lot of people in our camp were very critical of Ken Burns and Wynton
about the JAZZ series. Interestingly enough, that series created the
biggest spike in viewership on behalf of jazz in many years and that
spike also showed up in sales at retail record stores. The attraction
was NOT the music. It was the stories that attached themselves to the
music. The people also GOT the music and the responded by BUYING it! 


Ah, but did the series make any converts? Have Jazz sales for current 
musicians also risen, in the aftermath of people discovering Satchmo and Duke?



This week's sponsor: ''don't call her Larry, volume 2'' by LAWRENCE LEBO


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