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<<..Ken Burns' fundamental intention I think with the series  was to bring 
more into jazz that otherwise wouldn't be here and not to sell  records. In that 
regard it was a success. I for one remain positive. There's  enough cynicism 
in this industry.The other downside to this is that there was  such tremendous 
criticism towards "Jazz" that I doubt very seriously if any TV  outlet would 
want to take the chance on producing something like it and  presenting it in a 
primetime slot again. It's a classic case of shooting  ourselves in the foot.

Well, we see it every year on PBS, during fundraising, so it can't be all  
bad. And there's the new series, so ditto my remark.
I'm not sure that was his fundamental intention, by the way. As a historian  
first, he came to love Jazz during the process of researching the series. His  
intention of the entire trilogy (Baseball, The Civil War, and Jazz) seemed  
to be to present a cultural history of America, and viewed through a black  
American's perspective. Some of the resentment of his work is racist, other is  
based on the absence of post-1965 music.
I think his series was not necessarily aimed at a knowledgeable Jazz  
audience, and I think that most of the resentment has been expressed by the  
already-converted. For the masses, I think he did better than a credible,  creditable 
job of presenting a survey/anthology of Jazz.

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