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> <<..That is not altogether accurate Ed.  First of all, I  don't think Ken
> Burns
> is truly capable of telling a story through a Black  American's eyes since
> he is White..>>
> He's a historian, and told the story through the eyes and mouths  of his
> expert sources. Practically every major fact that was presented was not 
> with his face on the screen with the words "Ken Burns" under them, but
> rather  was with Wynton Marsalis' or Stanley Crouch's faces and names (and
> admittedly  Gary Giddins and a few others for lesser amounts of time).
> I don't want to start or re-start a war on this, but I stand by my  point,
> Ed

Yes but Ken Burns chose what comments we got to see and hear. They were 
comments that were important to him. They enabled him to tell the story he 
wanted to tell. My guess is that he asked questions to help support the story 
he wanted to tell. It seems to me at best, it would then be a white man's 
interpretation of what he thinks is the black perspective, following your 
logic. Ken doesn't know black life or sentiments so at best, we get his 
interpretation of it.

In addition, if a black film maker like my old roomate, Orlando Bagwell (The 
Africans In America, Run Jesse Run, Eyes On The Prize) made that film, I 
think it would have been very different. It was quite possible he would have 
chosen to speak to others who weren't so calm in their views. I supect Max 
Roach would tell a very different story than Wynton did

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