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Tue Apr 25 13:49:54 EDT 2006

I recall the uproar of the jazz community in Philadelphia PA when Temple
University's WRTI dropped day-time jazz to replace it with European
classical music. Many Philly jazzers like Rufus Harley and other jazz fans
parading in protest to the deaf ears of the decision making folks of WRTI. I
recall WRTI being 'justified' when after their first pledge drive after the
change in format they announced how they raised more monies during the day
then they ever did with jazz. I  write this to remind everyone that WBEZ is
changing formats for the same reason, dollar$ !!!

I feel saddened that the USA's patrimony-jazz, a cultural and historical
reflection of US society far beyond its musical qualities is being sold down
the river due to monetary concerns. Those that make the decisions at radio
and recording firms are under estimating their audiences, it's all about
exposure. The recording industry did the same in the mid-1980's when they
introduced CDs which cost less to manufacture yet sell for more=larger
profits. The labels created a publicity campaign extolling the virtues of
CDs, their indestructibility and better sound(both exaggerations), then
reduced the amount of LPs made eliminating a choice for the consumers only
to quote the declining sales of LPs as an excuse to make even more CD only
releases. Global corporate conglomerates break your leg and then accuse you
of being a cripple.

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