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Tue Apr 25 15:28:44 EDT 2006

Arturo wrote:

I recall WRTI being 'justified' when after their first pledge drive after
the change in format they announced how they raised more monies during the
day then they ever did with jazz. I write this to remind everyone that WBEZ
is changing formats for the same reason, dollar$!!!

Jeff Duperon wrote:  

It should be noted that the WRTI staff, volunteers and students pleaded with
the Philadelphia community to support 24HR Jazz in Philadelphia prior to
incorporating Classical Music into the format.  The listening audience did
not believe the change would occur.  The difference in contributions I might
add was staggering.  $75,000 in collected funds received as a 24HR Jazz
format versus $395,000 in collected funds after the conversion.  The
decision to incorporate Classical music into the format has allowed Jazz to
continue to thrive and have a showcase.  

WRTI, even after the change, programs 12 hours of Jazz weekdays from 6PM-6AM
in addition to specialty programs that focus on Latin Jazz and other diverse
musical genres.  Support from the community - members and underwriters
together, provides 80% of our revenue to sustain our current programming.  

Public radio depends on listener support, unlike commercial radio formats
who depends on advertisers and record companies to support their giveaways.

"$1000.00 to the 9th caller after you hear the cash register sound"  " Oh,
my God...I won, aaahhh! I don't believe it." 'Yes, you are our lucky winner.
"What is your favorite radio station..." 

I don't know many businesses that can afford to give away $1000.00 a day to
a lucky listener except commercial radio for rotating the same 10 songs
every hour. 

Most, if not all of the members in this group affiliated with community or
public radio stations in your market depend of contributions from listeners,
donations from charity, endowments, grants, underwriters, et al to operate
your station.  Not enough financial support for the current programming = a
change in format.  Bottom line:  Nothing personal...It's just business.    

Arturo Wrote:

Those that make the decisions at radio and recording firms are under
estimating their audiences, it's all about exposure.

Jeff Duperon Wrote:

I would like to think that exposure for under served talent and the
continued support of the masters, both old and new of Jazz drives us
forward.  At the end of the day, the value listeners place on the
programming has to become an important part in their lives.  The value then
translates into contributed dollars no matter how small. 

Jeff Duperon

mrjazzjr at sprintmail.com

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