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April 2006
The New Orleans Jazz Channel
Ground Breaking Television Programing
In This Issue

Jazz; America's True Art Form
Broadcast in 4 States


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The New Orleans Jazz Channel will focus on 
chronicling the attempts to revive the music industry 
in New Orleans, as a parallel to the leaders in the 
city and the regions attempts to rebuild the 

Through interviews with the likes of Wynton Marsalis, 
Harry Connick, Jr. and others -- home grown, and 
transplanted-involved in the music scene, this 
program will feature the hardships, the struggle and 
the long road to recovery.  This will include behind 
the scene looks at the clubs, recording studios, radio 
stations, and music festivals that thrive and survive 
on the 
local music.  We'll find out how some of these 
individuals weathered the storm, suffered losses and 
fought to recover.  Through their eyes we will see if 
and how the re-birth of the music scene is re-born.


Jazz; America's True Art Form
New Orleans' gift to the world

New Orleans is in danger of losing its legacy, the 
only true American art form that it gave to the world. 
Jazz. The very thing that thrust her forever onto the 
international stage has been all but silenced here.  
The slow dirge of the recuperation of the New 
Orleans region after the floods of Hurricane Katrina 
has crippled the music industry at its very 
birthplace.  This city has drawn and inspired 
musicians across the globe for more than a century 
could become nothing more than a fading memory.

Regional and national music figures alike yearn to 
to help resuscitate New Orleans' heart and soul.  But 
without places to play, and without people to listen, 
the stage remains virtually dark.  Will the art form 
that New Orleans gave to the world survive here?  
Can they get the music back?  Who will lead the 
charge?  Steps taken in the city in 2006 could be the 
determining factor of whether it can return to its 
former glory.

www.neworleansjazzchannel.com - http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mbq8ubab.0.bt777ubab.4ei6xun6.13652&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.neworleansjazzchannel.com%2F

Broadcast in 4 States
New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta & Jackson

The inaugural program aired on Wednesday, January 
4, 2006 on the WB Network.  It is a weekly show on 
Wednesdays' and rebroadcast on Thursdays' and 
Fridays'.  It is unique in that NOJC has garnered 
viewers who are still hungry for a taste of New 
Orleans.  Besides New Orleans, the New Orleans Jazz 
Channel is also being viewed in Baton Rouge, Dallas 
and Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Jackson, 
Mississippi. Giving us more than 20 million in 
viewership each week.


Sponsoring opportunities . . .
The New Orleans Jazz Channel

Thank you for your interest in the New Orleans Jazz 
Channel.  Sponsoring this ground breaking television 
program will increase your corporate visibility in a 
market that is still reeling from the effects of 
Hurricane Katrina, but is also hungry for New Orleans 
music and culture.

You have the opportunity to get on board one of the 
fastest growing television shows to come out of New 
Orleans in recent years.  This show is poised for 
syndication and we will certainly bring the products 
with us nationally that helped our show get to the 
next level.

We hope that you find this offering as exciting as we 
do, and will take it into consideration for the 
upcoming spring and festival seasons ahead. You 
know that you can depend on our high viewership 
and what a unique concept this program is to all of 
its markets.

For more details on advertising and production rates, 
please contact us at 504-616-5055 and ask for ask 
for Matt.

For more information . . . - http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mbq8ubab.0.bt777ubab.4ei6xun6.13652&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.neworleansjazzchannel.com%2F

We hope you enjoy our programming and thanks for 
tuning in.Sincerely,

Matthew M.  Dillon / David O' Regan
The New Orleans Jazz Channel
email: mail at policamp.com
phone: 504-214-0077
web: http://www.neworleansjazzchannel.com/

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