[JPL] Fav Caravan renditions

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Apr 26 16:18:05 EDT 2006

Reebs asked <<< Can you please forward the info (artist, album title, label)
on you're
favorite rendition of "Caravan"....?...thanks..  >>>

First of all permit me to clarify that Caravan is a composition of former
Duke sideman, the Puerto Rican valve trombonist Juan Tizol and NOT Duke as
most often credited.

My preferred versions that I am able to recall right now are:

Alfredo Rodríguez & Los Acerkó   Cuban Jazz    Naxxos
Sam Newsome and Global Unity with Elizabeth Kontomanou-vocals    self-titled
release on Columbia
Nueva Manteca     Let's Face The Music and Dance    World Pacific
Jerry González & Ft. Apache Band     Ya Yo Me Curé   American Clave

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