[JPL] How many 24/7 Jazz stations exist today?

Bouille, John JBouille at SHAWU.EDU
Thu Apr 27 14:29:08 EDT 2006

WSHA Radio 88,9 FM in Raleigh is a 24/7 jazz station with live local hosts all the time.

John Bouille 
WSHA Program Director
118 East South Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
1-800-241-0421 ~ 919-546-8433

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KPLU Seattle is dual format -- lots of jazz and 
blues, but the NPR newsmags as well. (just like 
my station)

They do have a 24-hr jazz HD2 channel  and 24-hr. jazz web stream.

KJZZ Phoenix is also dual format jazz/NPR

If web counts, some stations have 24-hr online 
jazz channels to supplement their online 

For anyone who can listen to HD2 channels (not 
many people yet, I know) there are some 
additional public stations with a 24-hr jazz HD2 
and ten commercial stations running a 24-hr 
trad/classic jazz channel.

-Shaunna @ WDUQ Pittsburgh

>Greg wrote <<< Tom's note just got me thinking:
>How many 24/7 Jazz stations exist today?
>We would be one. >>>
>Here at jazz89KUVO over 90% of our weekly output is jazz so we are one,
>KKJZ-Long Beach-LA, KSDS-San Diego, KCSM-San Mateo-SF,WBGO-Newark-NY,
>WGMC-Rochester, KPLU-Seattle-Tacoma, not quite sure about the San José,
>Saint Louis, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or Phoenix stations. My former
>stomping grounds of Miami has WDNA with about 80% jazz and I'm sure there
>are others
>Arturo Gómez

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