[JPL] Sound Recording Special Payments Fund

Kenwatt at aol.com Kenwatt at aol.com
Thu Apr 27 15:19:43 EDT 2006

Hey Folks!
I was just sent this link by a friend who's name happens to be on the list  
of Unclaimed Funds (found on the left side of the homepage):
7d011f_ (http://www.sound-recording.org
It's all about unclaimed royalties... This may well be of interest to many  
of you & the artists that you support!
Very best regards,
Ken Watters
Ken  Watters
(770)965-6464 (home)
(256)603-5059 (cell)
_www.wattersbrothers.com_ (http://www.wattersbrothers.com/) 
_Artist  Pamela Watters_ 

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