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Fri Apr 28 12:16:22 EDT 2006

Hi John. Good to hear from you and still enjoying your music. It's very interesting you mentioned Joanne Brackeen........ 
  Years ago I wrote a song called "The Place" ....which was never recorded. My thoughts for that piece developed as a result of reading an interview with Wayne Shorter. Quite honestly, I really didn't understand where Wayne was coming from in the interview. I had the same reaction when I first heard his music. In time though I noticed the complexity of his compositions.....mirrored his personality. Even though his work with Art was more relative to II V, it presented a clear sign of things to come. It was during the Nefertti period that I realized nothing in jazz composition sounded like that. When I first heard him speak....I felt the same way. I think those that have interviewed him would understand.  No one sounded like that until I heard Ornette speak. Struck me the same way.
  My point with Joanne came about in the mid 80's. I found her strange as well but not in the same way I first viewed Wayne or Ornette. The strange-ness if you will didn't feel sincere to me but she was the first jazz musician I worked with where I experienced this sort of personality up close. I was working with her at this jazz club in a Holiday Inn. Funny uh? She and I were having dinner and she ordered sushi. I asked her why on earth would she take the chance and order sushi from a Holiday Inn restaurant? She responded that they said it was good. That's all it took. Very gullible. The sushi was terrible by the way. So I got the feeling that she could easily emulate the musicians she admired - not so much on her instrument but trying to speak and act like them and Wayne and Ornette are two she admires deeply. Her style was more extrinsic. That was long ago though and certainly at that time my understanding of personalities like that was far from where it is now. Time
 changes things and I've always admired her as a performing artist. Another personality that comes to mind like this is Keith Jarrett. For me the jury is still out on him in the same way..... although I consider him one of the greatest improvisational musicians of our time. 
  Not like that with Wayne Shorter and Ornette Coleman. They are the only musicians that I've noticed that live in that "place." It's amazingly real - at least to them. So deep, at times confusing and angular but organic like, piercingly sincere and you got it....spiritual. If there were ever two musicians whose work reflected their personalities - it's them. Larry talked about Art Taylor's "Notes and Tones".....one of the all time great artist to artist jazz publications. The Ornette interview was puzzling though because at times I wasn't totally sure I was reading Ornette's words but rather some of Art's intrepretations of him. With Ornette's personality, it's hard to say. This is why I was so interested in knowing if anyone interviewed him and what they got out of it. I now know that Tad with Jazzweek did and I read it. Certainly it drew me in but I would bet he has some very interesting "out takes" from that interview.
  Larry, where could I find the movie you mentioned? I would certainly like to see it.
  Bobby, thanks for your off list comments.  
Jae Sinnett

J Stein <jstein at berklee.edu> wrote:

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Ornette was given an honorary doctorate by Berklee College of Music 
in January during our annual faculty development mini-conference. Jo 
Ann Brackeen, who is a member of the Berklee faculty, has been 
hanging with him and arranged it. She and Greg Osby did a tribute to 
Ornette, played a couple of his tunes. Then Ornette was publicly 
interviewed by another faculty member. It was pretty interesting, to 
say the least. I think Ornette communicates on a some levels very 
deeply. He wears a mantle of wisdom, utter sincerity, and 
spirituality. He spoke from those places and I heard him. It wasn't 
easy to follow his words on a logical level so, instead of listening 
to him with my intellect, I listened with my heart and in my gut.


John Stein

On Apr 27, 2006, at 10:27 PM, Jae Sinnett wrote:
> -------------------------------------------
> Has anyone read Ornette Coleman's liner notes for the Odean Pope CD 
> "Locked & Loaded?" I got it.......I think. For a moment I thought 
> someone slipped something in my orange juice. Has anyone ever 
> interviewed him? If so, how did it go?
> Jae Sinnett

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