[JPL] PLAYLIST - "Um Toque de Jazz" for May, 2006 (Portuguese Public Radio)

Manuel Jorge Veloso mjveloso at netcabo.pt
Fri Apr 28 12:26:45 EDT 2006

"Um Toque de Jazz»
Hosted and produced by Manuel Jorge Veloso
(RDP/Antena 2 - Portuguese Public Radio)

Program Schedule:
Saturdays, 2-3 pm (Lisbon), 1-2 pm (GMT), 9-10 am (NY), 6-7 am (LA)
New releases, special reissues, overviews about jazz musicians and styles
Sundays, 2-3 pm (Lisbon), 1-2 pm (GMT), 9-10 am (NY), 6-7 am (LA)
Live recorded CDs, european concerts or club broadcastings

Webcast: mms://rdp.oninet.pt/antena2

Playlist for May 2006

06.05.06 - New Releases (1) - "Out to Lunch" , Otomo Yoshihide' s New Jazz Orchestra (DoubtMusic); "Cubist Music", Edsel Gomez Quintet (Zoho); "Perspective", Jaleel Shaw Quintet (Fresh Sound); "On My Way To You», Rigmor Gustafsson (ACT); "The Mirror", David Weiss Sextet (Fresh Sound).
07.05.06 - European Concerts (5) - Fred Hersch & Michael Moore at the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) on the 03.10.03 . Euroradio recording.
13.05.06 - New Releases (2) - "#03", Once Around The Park Quintet (Stunt); "Musical Echoes", Sathima Bea Benjamin (Ekapa); "I Love Paris", Bill Carrothers Trio (Pirouet); "The Visible", Alberto Pinton Quintet (Moserobie); "Chante", Aldo Romano (Dreyfus); "East Coast Cool", John McNeil Quartet (Omnitone); "San Francisco Jazz Collective 2" (Nonesuch).  
14.05.06 - European Concerts (6) - The Radovan Tariska Quartet at the Slovak Public Radio Studios (Bratislav) on the 25.02.05 . Euroradio recording.
20.05.06 - New Releases (3) - "Garden of Eden", Paul Motian Band (ECM); "Mr. Wizard", Vincent Herring Quintet (HighNote); "Thunderbird", Casandra Wilson (Blue Note); "Two Hours", Samo Salamon Quartet (Fresh Sound); "Cowboy Justice", Ben Allison Quartet (Palmetto); "Violet Violets", Sam Rivers Trio (Stunt); "Casually Introducing", Walter Smith III Sextet (Fresh Sound). 
21.05.06 - European Concerts (7) - Rob van Kreeveld piano solo recital at the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) on the 19.12.03. Euroradio recording.
27.05.06 - New Releases (4) - "Black Tartare", Michael Blake Quartet (Stunt); "Found Music", Scott McLemore Quartet (Fresh Sound); "Box of Pearls", Svante Thuresson & Katrine Madsen (Stunt); "Blues Cruise", Chris Cheek Quartet (Fresh Sound); "Transit", Jeff Arnal Quartet (Clean Feed); "Live at The Triade", Sheila Jordan & Cameron Brown (HighNote); "The Vampire' s Revenge", Dom Minasi Orchestra (CDM Records). 
28.05.06 - European Concerts (8) - The Dave Brubeck Quartet at the Konzerthaus' Grosser Saal (Vienna) on the 28.11.05. Euroradio recording. 

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