[JPL] Re: How Many 24/7 jazz stations exist today

Kyle Warren kyle at wicn.org
Fri Apr 28 14:09:34 EDT 2006

WICN's signal reaches as far east as Rt. 128 and as far west as Sturbridge. 
You can actually get it fairly well some days in the parking lot of WGBH - 
go figure!

We also extend in to portions of southern New Hampshire and northern 
portions of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Kyle Warren
WICN Radio
90.5 FM - HD

>  Hi Eric, WICN's signal range is around the Route 495 area around Natick 
> and Framingham out to Worcester, and that's it.  I live in Waltham off 
> 95/128 and you can barely get it in there on the car radio.  You can't 
> really pick it up in greater Boston.  Your colleague Steve Charboneau 
> should know a lot about WICN, he used to work there.
>  As far as jazz stations, there is NPR's WUCF, 88.9 FM, University of 
> Central Florida, in Orlando.  Good station, and great listening when I 
> visit on vacations. And, of course, there is KRML AM 1410 in Carmel, CA, 
> The AM jazz station made famous by Clint Eastwood's classic 1971 thriller, 
> Play Misty For Me. "This is Dave Garver with a little music, a little 
> talk, and 5 hours of music to be very nice to each other by."
>  Andy Cook
>  WFNX Jazz Brunch
>  Boston

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