[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic, " WCVF-FM, 4/28/06 - Erik Balkey live!

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 16:38:37 EDT 2006

 Singer-songwriter-guitarist Erik Balkey paid a visit to the WCVF-FM studios
this afternoon for an interview/performance. Not only did he turn the ears
of the folks hanging around the studio, he generated the most phone response
of the day as well. It seems people have been paying attention, because the
callers were very conversant with the Balkey songs played on "General
Eclectic" in the past. We might just be generating a following for
intelligently-written and effectively sung topical songs in this area. Other
phone calls came in for Neil Jacobs, the flute and electric guitar duo
Valuri de Matase, Sonny Landreth singing Randy Newman, and Avram Fefer and
Bobby Few. The long-missing Zaxariades CD finally arrived this week, and
also proved to be a listener favorite. To the playlist:

HOUR #1:
Neil Jacobs - Dean's Song - World Blue

Erik Balkey - interview and live performances of:
             I Love My Country
             Someone to Call
             God's Poet Now

Avram Fefer and Bobby Few - Light Blue - Kindred Spirits

Peter Verity - North Ontario - Sometimes a Journey

Valuri de Matase - Czardas - Valuri de Matase

Sonny Landreth - Louisiana 1927 - Sail Away: The Songs of Randy Newman

Sonny Terry, Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston - Lonesome Train - Classic
Railroad Songs (various)

HOUR #2:
Wadih Mrad - Sheftik - Wadda ni el Habib

Charley Harrison - B.S. - Keeping My Composure

Lou DeAdder - Slow Down - Slow Down

Cana Brava - Eres Mentirosa - Rough Guide to Merengue

Wood Brothers - Tried and Tempted - Ways Not to Lose

OhAnleigh - Rising of the Moon/White Cockade - Of Irish Crossings Cold

Adam Unsworth - All I Need - Excerpt This!

Brad Colerick - There's A Light (Ode to June & John) - Cottonwood

David Gogo - I Can Still Hear You Crying - Skeleton Key

N'awlins Gumbo Kings - That's a Plenty - We're the Gumbo Kings

Zaxariades - I'll Follow the Sun - Mr. Z

Zoe Mulford - Our Lady of the Highways - Roadside Saints

Calvin Keys - Unresolved Daydreams - Vertical Clearance

The big news is that it looks as if "General Eclectic" will begin streaming
on the net beginning mid-May. More details when it's closer to becoming a
See you next week!

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