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I've read the notes and found them compelling..."mostly made for non
resolutional ideas."  And, "They are expressing ideas from the freedom
of resolutions."

He's an e-resolutionary.

Music moving from dissonance into an accepted harmonic structure
usually spells "resolution" in music, and there's also the resolution
of tension and release, and the more far flung notion of polemical
resolution, as in it is resolved that jazz equals blues plus swing.

As in poetry, the meaning of the words can pivot on the perspective of
the reader, and the simplest phrase can mirror multiple meanings.

One day in 1992 I did back to back interviews with first Ornette,
talking about the soundtrack to Naked Lunch, and then Doc Severinson,
who was taking the Tonight Show band out on the road for one last
hurrah. Doc was not too excited about my having just spoken to
Ornette, but I was out of my head with ideas after encountering him.

There's a half hour radio program developed from that interview with
O.C., combined with an interview with Howard Shore, who worked with
Coleman on the soundtrack, and excerpts of Williams Burroughs reading
The Hot Shot Hit Kid and other weirdness from Naked Lunch.

One of the images that most sticks in mind is Ornette's saying that
the band Prime Time was, paraphrasing, like the cosmos, with each
planet spinning in it's own orbit, putting out it's own energy that
effected the other nearby planets.

And Ornette communicated about the age we live in, or that he lived
in, where he  witnessed great strides in science and medicine and
literature and painting, film, musical avenues of artistic
expression....it was clear to me he wanted to be seen on par with
those thinkers. It was just inspiring to hear a musician speak about
music in artistic and musical/mythical/poetical/societal terms and not
the same ol' commercial ones.

I can burn a copy of the Naked Lunch program if any one's interested.
Don't think we can even play the reel to reel tape of that phoner now.
It might need to be baked.

Lazaro Vega
Blue Lake Public Radio

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