[JPL] Can't believe I'm doing this, but vote for WBEZ (we'll lower taxes)

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As many of you know, I usually keep a low profile on the JPL but I can't let
this pass without comment.  With all due respect to Sarah and her sentiment,
WBEZ has slapped Chicago in the face with their duplicitous action in saying
they were going to dedicate a frequency to jazz and then announcing they
will drop the music altogether.  The jazz community in Chicago is in an
uproar over WBEZ and to have them win a national award from Jazz Week would
be a slap on our other cheek.
Mark Ruffin

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Hay all, I'm asking for your vote for best station, not for spiteful reasons
but more to recognize the amazing work of my colleagues Dan Bindert, Richard
Steele, and Dick Buckley (his 50 + years dedication to jazz radio alone is a
miracle).  Also, it would be a nice way to honor all the music programmers
here of decades past and present.  And, I just have to say, in the 10 years 
that I've had the pleasure of working with these folks, I know we
built a strong jazz audience, going from about 60,000 cume to our current
100,000 or better, and helped the station overall get into that 600,000
range.  That's nothing to sneeze at.

Just a quick thanks to everyone for all the personal messages of support.
Dan, Richard, Dick and myself appreciate it very much, and as Larry Smith
last October) says, we'll keep swinging ya.

Check us out on our live web stream at www.chicagopublicradio.org (8pm - 4am
Central time, and Dick is on Sundays 12pm - 3pm), doing our best jazz
shows ever through the end of this year.  ;-)

Sarah Toulouse
WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

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