[JPL] Re: How Many 24/7 jazz stations exist today

Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Sun Apr 30 08:42:14 EDT 2006

On Friday 28 April 2006 14:09, Kyle Warren wrote:

> WICN's signal reaches as far east as Rt. 128 and as far west as Sturbridge.
> You can actually get it fairly well some days in the parking lot of WGBH -
> go figure!
> We also extend in to portions of southern New Hampshire and northern
> portions of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

I didn't mean to sound like I've never heard of WICN. I have listened in my 
car but I don't think I've heard them in awhile because I often listen to CDs 
while driving.

I even was on the station once or twice as a guest fundraiser. I hosted a 
Sunset series concert for them and I hosted a Tommy Flanagan concert at 
Mechanics Hall that they presented. I think all of those things were at the 
invitation of Steve Charbonneau.

Eric Jackson
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> Kyle Warren
> WICN Radio
> 90.5 FM - HD
> >  Hi Eric, WICN's signal range is around the Route 495 area around Natick
> > and Framingham out to Worcester, and that's it.  I live in Waltham off
> > 95/128 and you can barely get it in there on the car radio.  You can't
> > really pick it up in greater Boston.  Your colleague Steve Charboneau
> > should know a lot about WICN, he used to work there.
> >
> >  As far as jazz stations, there is NPR's WUCF, 88.9 FM, University of
> > Central Florida, in Orlando.  Good station, and great listening when I
> > visit on vacations. And, of course, there is KRML AM 1410 in Carmel, CA,
> > The AM jazz station made famous by Clint Eastwood's classic 1971
> > thriller, Play Misty For Me. "This is Dave Garver with a little music, a
> > little talk, and 5 hours of music to be very nice to each other by."
> >
> >  Andy Cook
> >  WFNX Jazz Brunch
> >  Boston
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