[JPL] Caravan

Dick LaPalm dlpjazz at thegrid.net
Sun Apr 30 19:21:20 EDT 2006

Arturo, my friend...

First, please stand corrected.  Caravan was composed in 1937 by
Juan Tizol AND Duke Ellington.  The lyrics, ostensibly written
by Irving Mills, Duke's booking agent, were added in 1940. 

The song produced two big hit records; the first by the incredible
vocalist, Billy Eckstine on MGM in 1949, and the second, an
instrumental version by the Ralph Marterie band on Mercury
in 1953.

Nat Cole recorded the song twice - first in November 1939 with his
original trio (Oscar Moore and Wesley Prince).  The second time in
September of 1956 for the legendary "After Midnight" album.  Nat's
vocal is awesome, and Tizol's trombone solo is nothing less.  It is this
latter version of Cole's that was Tizol's very favorite recording of the
song, as it is mine.  In a 1959 Down Beat interview, Duke comments on
Nat's recording.  Enough said.

Warm regards,  Dick LaPalm           

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