[JPL] okay, then vote for Buckley

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I second the nomination!

At 09:04 PM 4/30/2006, you wrote:
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>To address Mark Ruffin's post - I'm not asking this to honor the station, 
>I'm really asking for recognition of Dick Buckley.  I don't know if he 
>qualifies for the humanitarian award, but at least a programmers award, 
>and I would hope that even you can look past the station and jazz 
>community politics and give Buckley his over-due honors.  This board is 
>well aware of what is happening at WBEZ, and to me it would NOT be a slap 
>in the face to award Dick Buckley regardless of what his employer's plans 
>are.    Following your logic, we should ignore Buckley's half-century 
>dedication to jazz because of who he currently works for?  That does not 
>sound fair to me.  When else am I going to have the chance to speak up for 
>Bux?  No one else will do it.  Who's face would really be getting slapped 
>if he got honored?  This is why I keep quiet - too much politics in music 
>for me.  Vote for Buckley.
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