[JPL] New Ray Barretto..brilliant STRAIGHT AHEAD album

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Aug 1 13:49:05 EDT 2006

I have just finished listening to the finally out Ray Barretto Rican
Conditioned Cd on Zoho straight through 2 times in a row. It is a
masterpiece! The late great "Hard Hands", NEA Jazz Master Ray Barretto's
final recording is a testimony to his love of jazz, he left us just as he
came in, playing mainstream straight ahead jazz. It is a throwback to the
fabulous sound Ray was part of in the 1950s with Jughead Ammons, Ken Burrell
and others for the Prestige and Blue Note labels. Okay it has congas on most
every track but it is NOT a Latin jazz album, it is in the pocket blues
flavored mainstream jazz with a bit of the Latin tinge Jellyroll Morton
insisted jazz must have. This recording also features one of the last if not
the final studio session of another giant, the recently departed Hilton Ruíz
who arranged all of the songs Ray selected for the album, including two
rarely heard early Sinatra songs. All of the sideman shine throughout and
Ray's son Chris is on alto and for the one incomplete track left by his dad,
Chris plays congas while Ray scats. The liners by my pal George Rivera are a
must read, tremendous insight into the sessions and the man himself. Thus
release has number one written all over it however, just as there's
hesitancy in playing other forms of jazz as expressed recently in this
forum, this album might be typecast because of the surnames of the players

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