[JPL] Dirty Dozen Brass Band / Katrina anniversary radio special

Andy Cahn cahnmedia at comcast.net
Tue Aug 1 15:08:21 EDT 2006

I am very excited to announce this new one-hour radio special featuring
music by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band to commemorate the one-year
anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (Aug 29).

Please let me know your plans to air this program either on Aug 29 or
over Labor Day weekend.  CDs will be ready to ship in mid-August.

Andy Cahn
cahnmedia at comcast.net

This new music-intensive one-hour special features the Dirty Dozen Brass
Band’s unique tribute to their New Orleans home on the one-year
anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (Aug 29) - an uplifting,
emotionally-charged reinterpretation of Marvin Gaye's classic protest
album, "What's Going On." 

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band performs these songs and other New Orleans
classics live.  Band members discuss both the enduring resonance of
Gaye's message, and the significance of music for New Orleans and its
residents today in Katrina’s wake.

Please consider airing this program on August 29th or over Labor Day

DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND: GOING ON AGAIN is hosted by New Orleans resident
Harry Shearer, host of the nationally-syndicated public radio program
"Le Show" and star of "The Simpsons", "This is Spinal Tap" and "A Mighty

Host: Harry Shearer
Producer: Tres Hombres (Paul Rappaport, Jym Fahey, Mitch Maketansky)
Contact: Andy Cahn, cahnmedia at comcast.net, 215-279-7632
Length: One hour with breaks for local spots
Terms: Available for all USA broadcasters to air at no cost
Spots: No barter spots are built into the show

More details will be updated online at:

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