[JPL] ECM Delay

JASS jassav at comcast.net
Tue Aug 1 20:48:59 EDT 2006

  Jae Sinnett:  Has anyone noticed this 5-10 second delay at the beginning 
of ECM recordings? Not sure of the purpose or why it happens. Is it 
something that's happening in the mastering process or is it a conscious 
choice? . Perhaps someone can explain this......Five seconds of dead air can 
seem like an eternity in radio.


ECM cds have sent me quickly scanning the board to see what button I didn't 
have pushed.  ECM is the only one that has this delay and  to confuse things 
even more, every so often, a ECM cd will not have the delay.  I'm always 
prepared, and will hit the play button early, but you never know how early. 
I too would love to know why they do this.  I am sure it is intentional. 
But why?


Larry Dane-Kellogg
WHCJ  90.3 FM  Jazz 90
Savannah, Ga

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