[JPL] Matthew Herbert Big Band

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new record out on K7 in the states called Scale that's getting great press
and radio.  Not a big band record though.  I love this guy.  My favorite
record of his was one called "Bodily Functions."  All the percussion
sounds for that recording were made from samples of sounds that the human
body makes.  hair, skin, voice, etc.  sounds weird, but it works.

here's an ecard for his new record:


and on this topic...Burnt Friedman has a record out with a group called
Root 70 - Heaps Dub (German label called nonplace) that is really good in
the electronic/jazz vein.  Jochen Rueckert on drums and Matt Penman on

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Matthew Herbert is a D.J. or electronic musician. his big band is one
of the multiple projects.  His work if very interesting within the

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