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Fri Aug 4 13:20:30 EDT 2006

 From Oliver Lake's latest newsletter.

Booking 101 Lesson #13 - you NEVER book anything during World Series,  
Super Bowl, playoffs in any sport, Yom Kippur and obviously the World  
Cup - while one might not expect Oliver to have made the connection  
any Italian who offers a gig the night of a w World CUp match in  
general let alone one featuring the HOME COUNTRY (!?!?!?!?!) in  
particular is definitely not in th eloop.

Begin forwarded message:

> July 4th Soccer wins Oliver Lake Steel Quartet zero, that’s right,  
> we were in Rome playing a concert and Italy was playing in the semi  
> finals of the world cup, you can imagine how many people attended  
> our concert, like I said World cup 10, Oliver Lake Steel Quartet zero
> July 7th & 8th Steel Quartet performed in Paris at the Sunset Jazz  
> Club, fortunately, there was no soccer game and we had capacity  
> audiences both nights. The group sounded great, we added some new  
> tunes to our repertoire. Reggie Washington sounded great even  
> though he was healing from a broken wrist.


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