[JPL] Explanation of delay from ECM Records

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Fri Aug 4 19:31:28 EDT 2006

I too wondered about the opening silence on ECM recordings and even  
though I did US PR for ECM Jazz during their final months at BMG  
Classics (Nov 98 through May 99), never knew its origin. AFter Jae's  
and others' posts I wrote Tina Pelikan at ECM NY and she provided the  
following explanation she said she "received from Munich some time  
ago." (Hey - that's a good title for a song :-)

"The silence at the beginning of the first track arrived on ECM CDs  
in 1992, courtesy of Karlheinz Stockhausen. When we sent him the the  
first test-CDs of his "Michaels Reise" he complained that he didn't  
have enough time, after pressing the 'play' button, to get to his  
favourite armchair before the music started. Thinking about it, we  
felt he had a point, that the listener should at least have time to  
take a breath and get ready for the journey into the music. The  
preparatory silence has been part of the discs ever since."

So that's ECM's explanation...


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