[JPL] Need help with live interview editing

MFT Jazz mft at mftjazz.com
Fri Aug 4 20:24:45 EDT 2006

I use a freeware program called "Audacity" to record & edit my show.  It 
has a nice but basic set of filters as well as a compressor to smooth 
out the sound.  I always run the "Normalize" function as the final step 
to even out the levels. 

Good luck!


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JazzCorner at aol.com wrote:
> -------------------------------------------
> Hi folks
> I've posted on a couple of tech forums, and then Dr. Jazz suggested I write 
> you.  I just spent more than 2 1/2 hours with Kirk Lightsey ( to be an hour 
> podcast and "innerview") using the Sony Mini Disc M100 with its stereo mic.  Of 
> course, the mic (unlike what I heard in my headphones) picked up a great deal 
> of ambient noise including a fan going in another room.
> I have since ordered a unidirectional mic, but in the meantime, anyone know 
> of any software info that can get rid of the ambient noise (for PC)?
> Thanks much
> Lois Gilbert
> jazzcorner.com

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